Workshop to Address Energy in Thermal Processing

Sept. 18, 2007
CMETT event set for November 13
The Center for Melting Efficiency and Thermal Technology (CMETT) at Case Western Reserve University is sponsoring a thermal processing workshop on November 13, at the University in Cleveland. The event will convene representatives of various thermal processing industries — including metalcasting, but also glassmaking, forging, and others — to identify and review various subjects of common interest. CMETT Workshop organizers say the agenda will include: - Defining energy-related issues in industrial practices; - Sharing cross-industry energy concerns and challenges; - Identifying opportunities for new R&D programs that address energy efficiency, energy source versatility, environmental responsibility, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability; - Discussing means of cooperation among industry, academia, the U.S. government's national research laboratories, and state and federal agencies that may contribute to improving energy efficiency in melting, and other energy intense industrial processes. For additional information contact the Case Center for Melting Efficiency and Thermal Technology at [email protected].