Supplier Plans New Induction-Melting Line

June 8, 2004
IPC offering coreless melting systems

Almont, MI-based Inter-Power Corp. reports it is expanding its product line to include induction melting equipment. The company is known as a supplier of induction forging systems. Initially, it will offer coreless induction melting systems for ferrous and nonferrous metals. And, together with its partner Vacuum Processors Inc., it will supply vacuum melting systems.

IPC is offering three standard furnaces in 50–8,000-lb capacities – the Fab-Frame, Steel-Case, and Steel Shell models. It also offers power-supply products from its IGBT transistor technology Power-Link (MPT), from 5–1,500 kW, and SCR technology via its Power-Link (MPS), from 750–4,000 kW.

Inter-Power’s new induction venture will be housed with the Melting Products division at a new, dedicated facility; for information, contact the group at Tel. 866-207-7283.