Production Pattern & Foundry Orders Simpson Equipment

Oct. 3, 2004
New plant in Nevada replacing high-cost California operation

Production Pattern & Foundry Co. Inc. chose Simpson Group to supply equipment for its new Carson City, NV, foundry. The sand-casting and permanent-mold foundry is relocating its operation to Carson City, citing the rising cost of doing business at its present location in San Leandro, CA.

PPF acquired a new Model 2G Simpson Mix-Muller, a Model 18Mk2/2552 Hartley Automatic Bond Determinator with Compactability Control, and a Model 45Mk2 Hartley sand-distribution system. These units will replace a Model 1? F Simpson Mix-Muller and a Model 18EM Hartley sand controller. "A significant increase in sand production is expected, along with more complete automation and more consistent sand quality, resulting in cost reductions and improved system efficiency," according to Simpson’s release.

"We have had a very good relationship with both Simpson Technologies and Hartley Controls, and have had good success with our current equipment," states Ray Switzer, president of PPF. "We look forward to working with Simpson on starting up production at our new facility in October (and) November of this year."