Toronto Foundry Starting Investment Program

Aug. 4, 2004
Breyer plans new machining, modeling capabilities

Breyer Industries Ltd. has initiated a capital-improvement program for its new foundry operation in the Toronto area, the former Brampton Foundries plant acquired in February from Indalex Aluminum Solutions. Now called Breyer Casting Technologies Inc., it will see more C$500,000 of investments this year.

This is described as the first phase of an improvement program, and will include a new CNC machining center and solid modeling software systems.

Breyer operates two fully automated sand-molding machines, supplying castings in the 0.1- to 35-lb range. It also has permanent molding cells with auto-cast tilting machines ranging from 12x18 to 36x36 in. One thousand-pound crucibles and an 8,000-lb reverberatory furnace serve the casting mold area.

The plant also performs high-pressure diecasting capability, with a continuous molten-metal transfer system and five diecasting machines, plus hydraulic trim presses.

The new CNC machining center will allow Breyer to finish and machine aluminum castings, to deliver finished parts to customers faster. No equipment supplier was named for the project that will be completed in the third quarter.

Solid modeling software (a Solidworks product) has already been installed. It’s being used to develop 3-D models from two-dimensional data, to improve the design of finished parts.

Breyer also said it plans to install a new roof on the foundry and improve plant lighting. Other improvements are planned to the office space and to update employee amenities.

Graham Thayer, president of Breyer Casting Technologies, said: "We have made a commitment to our customers that we will invest in the business to continue improving quality and to focus on shortening lead times. We have started a multi-year plan to upgrade our facility to allow us to grow the business dramatically in a very competitive environment."