GIFA Preview: Furnace Manufacturing Getting Back On Track

May 8, 2011
Growth continues in thermal process technology

Global suppliers of thermal process technology are expecting a lasting upturn, composed largely of medium-sized companies. With an industry working hard to increase energy-efficient systems, all signs point to renewed growth.

By the end of last June, capacity utilization had risen to up to 85%, and order intake levels were up as well. “2011 could see production growing by at least five to six per cent in furnaces and burners,” said Heinz-Jürgen Bchner, an analyst with IKB Deutsche Industriebank.

Besides manufacturers of electric and non-electric industrial furnaces, burners and automatic firing systems, the thermo process technology industry also includes suppliers offering installation and repair services for these types of equipment. The industry is growing in the service sector, as order postponements or cancellations have increased.

Future development in the industry will depend on investments in energy and resource efficiency. The pressure to achieve ecologically motivated progress is high – particularly in view of the debate on climate change. This is playing into the German suppliers’ hands, says Gutmann Habig, executive director of the Association of Thermoprocessing Equipment Manufacturers within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). “The industry is mainly composed of medium-sized companies with a consistently market-oriented focus. This makes them highly flexible and able to adjust to changes dynamically.”

Thermo process technology will be on display at THERMPROCESS, one of the associated trade shows during GIFA. Focused on providing exhibitors and visitors technical trends and solutions to the most important questions connected with the manufacturing and use of industrial ovens and heat production plants.