ASK Chemicals to Distribute SphereOX in Europe

April 23, 2009
Anti-veining additive also reduces dust, VOCs
ASK Chemical will be the exclusive European distributor of SpherOX sand additives, following an agreement with Chesapeake Specialty Products Inc. SphereOX is used to eliminate veining and reduce most gas defects. It’s said to improve productivity by reducing rework, and to reduce airborne dust and VOCs. ASK says the product’s spherical shape increases tensile strength and maintains gas permeability, for greater expandability and escape of gases. It releases no harmful gases and has no resin demand, and allows foundries to replace chromite and zircon sands in low-temperature casting. “We feel that it is an ideal supplement to the ASK Group portfolio, especially when used in combination with our binder systems, other additives, and coatings” according to ASK Group managing director Dr. Thomas Oehmichen. Ashland-Sudchemie-Kernfest GmbH (ASK Chemicals) produces resin binders, hardeners, and coatings for foundries. Chesapeake Specialty Products manufacturers metallic abrasive and iron oxide products.