Hunter Reports Two Molding Machine Orders

Oct. 9, 2006
One for Pacific Alloy Castings; Mueller Co. gets new design

October 10, 2006 -- Hunter Automated Machinery Corp. reprts two new machinery contracts. In the first, Pacific Alloy Castings, South Gate, CA, has ordered a new XL2024 series molding machine. Pacific Alloy currently operates a Hunter HMP-20 molding machine and a HV-20R turntable mold handling system. The XL2024 “will bring them the most up-to-date, patented, state-of-the-art engineering innovations and advancements in matchplate molding technologies,” according to Hunter.

In the second order, Hunter has built and will install a HV-10R four level turntable mold-handling system for Mueller Co., Decatur, IL. This is the third Hunter turntable mold handling system to be installed at Mueller, and it features a new boardless accumulating mold conveyor with corner transfers and no pushers prior to loading the turntable. Up to three molding machines can feed the same turntable with this system, for which Hunter has filed for a patent.

Based in Schaumburg, IL, Hunter Automated Machinery is one of the foundry industry's top suppliers of molding machines and mold handling equipment.