Ashland Introduces New Cold-Box Catalyst

Nov. 6, 2003
Alternative formulation offers production, environmental benefits

Ashland Casting Solutions reports it is introducing the first new catalyst for its Isocure phenolic urethane-forming cold-box binder system. Isofast catalyst offers an alternative formulation that provides "significant productivity and environmental benefits to the core-making process over the existing TEA and DMEA catalysts."

A unit of Ashland Specialty Chemical Co., Ashland Casting Solutions supplies products, processes, and technology to metalcasters worldwide.

The company emphasizes that the Isofast catalyst is not a hazardous air pollutant so it is not regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's new MACT standards. "Isofast catalyst is more efficient than TEA and results in a catalyst consumption reduction of 25-50% by weight, while curing cycle times are shortened by 35–45%," Ashland says.

Also, this new catalyst is said to provide a more complete initial cure, thus reducing the need for core-box cleaning. Isofast is said to produce less odor than other catalysts, and the lower catalyst consumption reduces the volume of scrubber solution that must be managed.

Ashland offers the Isocycle catalyst recycling program to handle spent scrubber solution.

Mike Swartzlander, v.p. with Ashland Specialty Chemical and general manager of Ashland Casting Solutions, says, "We are continually learning about our customers' metal casting requirements and developing solutions that help them achieve success in today’s demanding manufacturing market."