Diecaster Expands Simulation Capabilities

Oct. 18, 2005
PHB adds MAGMAdual capability

MAGMA Foundry Technologies reports it has sold a second license for the MAGMASOFT casting-process simulation software to PHB Die Casting, Fairview, PA. With the new license, PHB will be adding MAGMAdual capability.

This development allows MAGMASOFT to take advantage of the speed of new two-processor PC computers for even faster simulation results. MAGMA explains that PHB added MAGMAdual last year to its existing MAGMASOFT license, and reports that calculation speeds improved by almost 80% over a single-processor version of the software.

PHB Die Casting is a division of PHB Inc., an integrated manufacturer of parts and assemblies for various markets, including: automotive, appliance, telecom, electronics, electrical equipment, transportation, medical, industrial equipment, instrumentation, aerospace, and defense.

Of the new license, MAGMA Foundry Technologies president Tim McMillin, stated: "This not only allows PHB to gain significant advantages in speed, it will also change the way they engineer. PHB will now have an opportunity to try other ‘what-if’ scenarios that were often set aside because of time constraints. MAGMAdual will also allow PHB engineers to delve into greater detail on projects that require it."

PHB also will be adding the MAGMAhpdc Module, which references specific diecasting parameters (e.g., shot profile, spraying conditions, and die sequence) to provide valuable information in a simulation. The supplier states that combining MAGMAhpdc and MAGMAdual will provide PHB Die Casting with a "very powerful new simulation arsenal."