NADCA Report Summarizes Industry's Environmental Role

June 3, 2007
Diecasters seek recognition for efforts, achievements

June 4, 2007 — In a new research report, the North American Die Casting Assn. (NADCA) outlines how its member companies have been positively addressing environmental concerns for the past three decades.

The report — “Die Casting Industry’s Environmental Challenges, Responsibilities and Results” — details the ways the industry works with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, including its participation in the EPA’s Sector Strategies Program; notes the high volume of recycled metal used in diecasting; outlines the recycling process for alloys and castings; and provides examples of diecasters’ environmental management systems.

The paper also explores some of the future environmental issues facing the industry.

NADCA president Dan Twarog emphasized the costs and responsibilities that diecasters assume by being environmentally responsible:“As OEMs continue to address their own environmental efforts, they should not turn a blind eye to their supplier base.If they are to be considered true stewards of the world’s environment, they should be knowledgeable and supportive of the efforts of the industries that supply them,” Twarog stated.

To request a copy of “Die Casting Industry’s Environmental Challenges, Responsibilities and Results,” visit NADCA online at