ETA Completes APC System for Tyler Pipe

Feb. 22, 2005
Controls emissions with O2 enrichment

ETA Engineering reports it has completed a contract placed by Tyler Pipe Co. to design and build a new cupola air-pollution control system for the Tyler, TX, plant. ETA handled mechanical and electrical installation for the system, too, which started up in early November.

The dry cupola APC package was designed to control emissions from a 55-tons/hour water-wall cupola with oxygen enrichment, and it includes a new combustion chamber, evaporative gas cooling, Escher recuperator, and an Escher air-to-air gas cooler prior to the four-module ETA 2000 Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors. The design ensures on-line cleaning.

According to Avilla, IN-based ETA Engineering, the APC system includes a continuous pre-coat system, that feeds dry chemicals to render the waste stream non-hazardous, and to aid in filtering cupola gases. ETA provided a dust-processing center, too, with a silo, and a mixer that pelletizes dust for disposal.