Intat Orders Automated Pouring System

April 9, 2004
Robert Sinto design will make casting faster, more flexible

Intat Precision Inc., a gray- and ductile-iron foundry in Rushville, IN, recently ordered a new Econopour automated pouring system from Lansing, MI-based Roberts Sinto Corp.

According to details provided by Roberts Sinto, the Econopour system “ensure(s) more consistent pouring weight per mold, as well as more accurate, faster pouring speeds.” It will make it possible for the molding machine to change from pouring one metal to another faster, so that the entire casting operation is more flexible. The system is seen being installed and operating this summer.

Intat’s senior coordinator Joe Yabuhana, said, “the new automated pouring system from Roberts Sinto, which includes two pouring units and controls for our molding line, will provide our firm with increased productivity.”