L A Aluminum Planning Expansion

Nov. 16, 2003
New milling, tilt-pouring machines

L A Aluminum Casting Co., Hayden, ID, reports it is planning a $300,000 expansion that will include two new machines and increase the range of its capabilities. CEO and president Robert Oswald indicated the expansion will be completed next month.

"The expansion will allow us to increase our existing capabilities, enabling us to do more for our current and prospective customers," says Oswald.

The Idaho foundry is a permanent-mold aluminum casting operation with a nationwide customer base. It has melting capacity for 2,000 lb/hour, and extensive machining capability.

The expansion includes a 2003 Gidding & Lewis HMC95 horizontal milling machine and a 1988 Stahl 36x36-in. AutoCast tilt-pouring machine. The HMC95 horizontal milling machine increases L A's machining capacity by 50%; while the AutoCast machine will allow the foundry to produce larger castings. Current, L A Aluminum's mold capacity is 30x24 in., while the new machine will give it the ability to produce 36x36-in. castings.

Overseeing the expansion, Chris Nicol, plant manager, said, "Adding the new equipment will not only allow the company to expand its capabilities but will also increase the efficiency of the employee."