C.M.H. Acquires Stahl Foundry Equipment

Aug. 3, 2004
Will add Autocast machine to its catalog

C.M.H. Manufacturing Co., Lubbock, TX, completed its purchase of the Stahl Foundry Equipment division on July 28. C.M.H. manfactures the Hall series of permanent-mold casting machines.

Along with the Hall product line, C.M.H. plans to add the Autocast machine (from Stahl) to its catalog, and will be foundry’s source for Autocast and Unitrol repair parts. In addition, it will offer factory remanufacturing for Hall, HM, Autocast, and Unitrol devices.

For more information on Hall foundry equipment, parts, or factory remanufacturing, contact John Hall, Tel. 806-744-8003; Fax 806-763-9146; or e-mail [email protected]