GM Investing $890 Million For Cleaner, Fuel-Efficient Engines

April 27, 2010
Expansion of semi-permanent mold and precision sand casting technologies slated at casting facilities
General Motors announced an $890 million dollar investment in five of its plants to build cleaner, more fuel-efficient engines. The investment creates or retains 1,600 jobs across its facilities in Tonawanda, NY; Defiance, OH; Bedford, IN; Bay City, MI; and St. Catharines, ONT. The production of a new generation of fuel efficient small block truck and car engines will take place across the five plants slated for the investment. The engine family will have "unprecedented fuel efficiency" through direct injection and an all-new advanced combustion system design. The engine blocks will be aluminum, which is lighter and contributes to fuel efficiency. They will also be E85 ethanol capable and will be built to meet emissions standards expected throughout the decade. At the casting facilities in Defiance and Bedford, investments include expansion of semi-permanent mold and precision sand casting technologies that will result in "a high degree of dimensional accuracy and material strength properties needed to support the newer, more efficient engines." Additionally, facility renovations and the installation of new, highly flexible engine machining and assembly equipment, as well as special tooling designed for manufacturing efficiency and engine quality will be part of the investment. Specific details about the new engine's capabilities, as well as product applications, will be announced at a later date. Since emerging from bankruptcy last July, GM has invested $2.3 billion at 22 of its facilities in both the United States and Canada. Recently, the automaker announced that it had paid back its $8.1 billion dollar loan from the U.S. and Canadian governments. "GM is investing in our plants, restoring and creating jobs, and making progress toward our vision of designing, building, and selling the world's best vehicles," said president of GM North America, Mark Reuss. "These latest investments show our commitment to improving fuel economy for buyers of every GM car, truck, and crossover, and giving them the best possible driving and ownership experience." Engine Production:
  • Tonawanda, NY: $400 million; 710 jobs
  • St. Catharines, ONT: $235 million; 400 jobs
Engine Casting and Component Production:
  • Defiance, OH: $115 million; 189 jobs
  • Bedford, IN: $111 million; 245 jobs
  • Bay City, MI: $32 million; 80 jobs