Thresher Taps Specialist Group for Auto Marketing

Dec. 10, 2008
Engineering, sales support for Eastern U.S., Europe

Thresher Industries Inc., a specialty metalcaster, has contracted Advanced Technology Sales Associates as its sales representative to the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries in the Eastern U.S. and Europe. "With increasing business opportunities in the Eastern United States and Europe, it has become necessary to provide our customers with engineering and sales support for their operations,” stated Thresher CEO Tom Flessner.

Based in Hanford, CA, Thresher produces cast components in aluminum and reinforced metal-matrix composites. The castings are used to manufacture products like automotive water pumps, torque boxes, engine cradles, and suspension components.

Advanced Technology will contract its affiliate Automotive Sales and Engineering Group to work on behalf of Thresher. Automotive Sales and Engineering’s client list includes customers include Visteon, Lear, Automotive Components Holding Company, Ford Motor Co., American Axle & Manufacturing, Hutchinson, and Magna.

“Advanced Technology brings a great deal of expertise in the automotive sector to Thresher Industries and our clients, and it's also an added resource for the company," according to Flessner.