New DISA Molding Machine Design for Benton Foundry

Nov. 2, 2007
Iron foundry to produce castings up to 350 lb.
A new, first-of-its-kind molding machine is planned for installation next year at Benton Foundry, in Benton, PA, making it possible for the gray and ductile iron operation to increase its maximum casting size from 250 lb. to 350 lb. The new machine is being specially developed by DISA with a 28 x32-in. flask to accommodate Benton's plans to deliver larger products, in higher volumes, for manufacturers of pumps, valves, and manifolds, as well as components for electric motors. Fritz Hall, president of Benton, sees demand for larger castings as one of the beneficial trends at work currently in the metalcasting industry, a market in which he has been active and involved for 50 years. And, the new molding machine is not the only project Benton Foundry has underway. A new robotic grinding station has been added to optimize the finishing of castings, and later this month a new plant ventilation system will be installed and operating to achieve the maximum dust-control capability.