Another Coremaker Adopts GMBOND

April 2, 2006
Kore-Mart adds new option for metalcasting customers

April 2, 2006 -- Hormel Specialty Products Division reports that Kore Mart Ltd., Hamburg, PA, is offering its customers cores made with GMBOND sand binder and coated sand. In late March Hormel announced that T&L Foundry Inc., near Tulsa, OK, had achieved significant reductions in shakeout time using cores made with the all-organic binder product.

Kore Mart is a family owned and operated core shop founded in 1981 that offers cores made via various processes, including shell, warm box, no bake, and now GMBOND sand binder cores. Kore Mart also manufactures mold and core wash coatings, adhesives, and custom-formulated parting agents. It produces vacuum-formed riser sleeves, insulating shapes, and a range of core shapes.

According to Hormel, tests of cores made by Kore Mart from its GMBOND sand binder met with successful shakeout results.

"Cores made using the GMBOND process provide numerous benefits for foundries," according to Hormel. These include: easier shakeout, "significantly lower toxic emissions," and lower energy costs because foundries have no need to "bake out" cores.

Research by the Casting Emission Reduction Program indicates that GMBOND reduces volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by over 90% in baseline comparisons to cores made with phenolic urethane resins.