ABP Induction Opens Coil Service/Re-Manufacturing Plant

Nov. 9, 2007
Foundry heating, melting furnace systems restored to original specs
ABP Induction has opened a new manufacturing/remanufacturing plant in Massillon, OH, that is equipped to restore any ABP equipment to original specifications, as well as to remanufacture competitor’s induction-coil assemblies. New Jersey-based ABP is a former ABB division whose furnaces are used in foundries and forging operations worldwide. It continues to update its induction-heating and melting furnace designs with control, automation, and information technology. In addition, ABP offers consulting, planning, start-up, and training services. “Our Ohio facility and staff can provide the full range of refurbishing and repair services for equipment produced by ABP during its hundred-year history,” according to general manager David Decker. The 22,000-ft 2 Ohio plant is said to be located so that ABP’s technicians may serve foundries across North America efficiently and effectively. It even has four 15-ton cranes to handle heavy furnace structures brought in for repair. Decker states that “Massillon’s prime Midwest location, state-of-the-art facility, and technology enables ABP to deliver the highest level of remanufacturing quality, general repair, and equipment maintenance to our customers, as well as maintain our top-quality manufacturing capability.” ABP explains it has the ability to increase a coil’s functional lifespan by “gently” and thoroughly cleaning it. Each coil is inspected prior to service. The plant’s new burn-off ovens clean internal and external surfaces, relieve stress on the copper, and lower the risk of stress cracks. Then, coils are resized, reinsulated, and cured. And, another detailed inspection is completed after cleaning. Finally, new lining and wrapping is installed. ABP often supervises reinstallation of the coil at the plant site. The company reports that its technicians are cross-trained in a range of service capabilities, and have full access to proprietary documentation, to help them restore equipment to original specifications. “No matter who originally made the coil, ABP restores it with the same quality and precision as its own products,” Decker emphasizes.