New Molding Machine for Astech Alloy Steel

March 1, 2006
Brock Solutions customizes matchplate system

Brock Solutions reports it has designed, built, and commissioned a new matchplate molding machine for Astech Alloy Steel Technology. Astech is a steel jobbing foundry in Vassar, MI, processing short and long casting runs.

The order for the machine producing 16x20 molds was placed last July, according to Brock, and delivered in January.

According to John Cederstrom, president of Astech Alloy: “We chose Brock Solutions to supply our matchplate mold machine, as they were the only manufacturer that could competitively supply a 16 x 20 mold size with the ability to face both cope and drag halves, which in our case, is a must.”

Brock Solutions, Kitchener, ON, is an Engineering Solutions company, and its. Foundry Group provides complete engineering and project management services that include design, development, and deployment of matchplate molding machines, turntables, melt and sand cooling control systems, core room services control systems, and casting conveyor systems.