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Weekly Update June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009
Metaldyne's bankruptcy Citation's supplier award Optimizing Automatic Deburring
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This Week's Metalcasting News Review
Metaldyne in Bankruptcy, Will Sell Assets
Metaldyne Corp. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing an unmanageable debt load, weak automotive industry demand, and a lack of available credit to maintain its organization. Significantly, the auto parts producer announced that its 2006 merger partner, Asahi-Tec, will no longer provide financial support to Metaldyne and will focus on its own Japanese operations. Read more
Citation Earns Navistar Supplier Award
The 2008 Diamond Supplier Award recognizes suppliers who exceed performance expectations for quality, delivery, and cost, and also acknowledges the suppliers’ efforts to align themselves with Navistar’s strategic business goals and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement. Read more
Thresher Seeks to Raise Green Profile
"We have teamed up with AFT to help expand our market awareness and attract green-minded investors to our company,” stated Thresher president and CEO Tom Flessner. “Thresher is growing rapidly, based on a number of new orders and our recent entry into the heat-sink marketplace. Now is a great time to increase our outreach and build the recognition in the public markets that we merit as our achievements." Read more
Featured This Week
Optimizing Automatic Deburring
Flexible deburring tool helps an aluminum diecaster use robotics more effectively to remove flashing economically and safely. The Flexdeburr tool has a rigid outer housing and an internal motor/spindle assembly that allows it to achieve close tolerance cleaning of complex castings. Read more
Forums And Blogs
REB Blog: A new chapter
Bankruptcy, of the “creditor protection” variety, is the last recourse for companies that cannot reconcile their assets with their financial obligations. GM and Chrysler, and their new regulators, have found a new last recourse. Read more
Case Studies / Whitepapers Sponsored case studies from the Foundry Management & Technology collection provide real-world accounts of what's happening in the foundry industry. They chronicle the events faced by business owners and managers who had to deal with changes in the competitive environment, and plots the owners' or managers' response which usually involves a change in their business strategy. Latest case studies added to the Foundry M&T collection:
Intelligent Demand ResponseImpact Markers Support Manufacturing's Desire to Apply Green Manufacturing TechniquesFor Foundries, Necessity is the Mother of InventionClick Here or on the links above to start reading.
VIDEO OF THE WEEKEcono-Pour Automatic Pouring Unit The Roberts Sinto Econo-Pour systems have only one objective… to reduce your pouring costs by improvement in some or all of the following areas: The Roberts Sinto Econo-Pour system is a proven tool to help the foundry operator reduce costs in today's highly competitive environment. Have a company video? Want the metalcasting industry to view it?FIND OUT HOW! From the producers of Foundry Management & Technology - Watch videos about the metalcasting industries. You'll see technical developments; new equipment; coatings; new technologies that lower cycle times; automation systems; cleaning processes and new products.
FM&T Hall of Honor
The FOUNDRY Management & Technology Hall of Honor recognizes men and women whose technical and process innovations; organizational leadership; professional and industrial standards; and personal contributions and achievements have improved and enhanced metalcasting as a science, as an industry, and as a community. Help us identify the next metalcaster to join the FM&T Hall of Honor. Read more
Upcoming Events
2009 ASME Annual Meeting
Palm Desert, CA — June 13-17, 2009 Read more
CMI's Metallurgy of Aluminum Casting Alloys
University Park, PA — June 16-18, 2009 Read more
CMI's Hands-On Introduction to Metalcasting
Pittsburg, KS — June 23-26, 2009 Read more
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