Inert Gas Processes Installed for Two Investment Casters

Dec. 7, 2006
Air Liquide's SPAL process adopted by MCM, Urschel

December 8, 2006 — Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP, an industrial-gas supplier, has installed its SPAL (surface protection-Air Liquide) for inert gas technology for induction furnaces at MCM Precision Castings Inc. in Weston, OH, and Urschel Laboratories Inc. in Valparaiso, IN. SPAL is a patented technology used to improve metal cleanliness by creating an inert gas barrier between the molten metal and the surrounding atmosphere. The barrier protects the metal from oxygen, nitrogen and moisture, allowing the operator to produce cleaner metal.

MCM Precision Castings produces a variety of cast products for automotive, food, business and industrial, textile, tool, agricultural, marine, material, and electrical markets. Recently, it was chosen as a new prototype and pre-production foundry for Harley-Davidson.

Urschel Laboratories Inc. designs and manufactures precision food-cutting equipment for processors worldwide.

Houston-based Air Liquide Industrial, the U.S. subsidiary of the industrial-gas technology supplier, provides bulk gases and offers a portfolio of technologies for metalcasting, including: the SPAL process; cupola boosting systems; ladle preheating and maintenance technologies; rotary furnace technology; and aluminum degassing packages.

Etienne Lepoutre, president of Air Liquide Industrial U.S., stated: "We appreciate the confidence shown by these two companies in our technology and capabilities. Air Liquide is committed to providing high levels of service and expertise by delivering advanced solutions to meet the individual application needs of customers to help them be more productive and achieve greater operational and environmental efficiencies."