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Weekly Update June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012
New owner to invest in U.K. foundry Flow Science invests in EU Low-volume impregnation Dust collector functions as flame arrestor Personal cleaning station


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New Owner to Invest in Cannop Foundry

A Polish nonferrous foundry, Thoni-Alutec, has acquired an operation in England and plans new investments there, and to expand its own capabilities with the new operation. Ongoing investments at the Cinderford plant will include tooling design and production capability, casting simulation, heat treating, and in-house product testing and verification.


Flow Science Inc. Invests in Europe

Flow Science Inc. is forming a new European subsidiary as an extension of its distribution network. Flow Science Deutschland GmbH will be a partnership with some of the personnel of the company’s former distributor, CFD Consultants GmbH, and will represent the FLOW-3D product line in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, with sales and product support, as well as general consulting services in computational fluid dynamics (CFD.)


Precision Castparts Investing in Aerospace

Precision Castparts Corp. — an investment caster, forger, and manufacturer of fasteners and other critical metal components — continues to acquire companies as it assembles an organization supplying aerospace and power-generation markets. Portland-based PCC said it would buy two California companies, Dickson Testing Co. and Aerocraft Heat Treating Co., in cash transactions.


Dry Vacuum + Pressure for Low-Volume Impregnation Process

No casting is perfect. Process controls are impressive, and quality control efforts are frequently effective, but imperfections very often develop as an inherent part of a metalcasting process. Gas bubbles trapped within a solidifying shape will create cavities or hold inclusions, and depending upon the metal, the shape, or the location of these defects the finished casting may be vulnerable to failure.



FM&T Hall of Honor

Nominations are welcome for the next induction to the FM&T Hall of Honor. For the 21st year, we are preparing to recognize those individuals whose technical and process innovations; organizational leadership; professional and industrial standards; and personal contributions and achievements have improved and enhanced metalcasting as a science, as an industry, and as a community.


New Products

Dust Collector Functions as Flame Arrestor

Camfill Farr APC expanded its line of integrated safety monitoring filters for Gold Series cartridge dust collectors. In addition to the current HEPA filters available for critical applications, it now offers ASHRAE-grade filters for installations that demand a more economical option. Conveniently integrated on top of the collector, these after-filter modules prevent collected dust from re-entering the workspace if there should be a leak in the dust collector's primary filtering system. In addition, the SMF modules are now proven to function as flame arrestors for combustible dust on most recirculating applications.


Personal Cleaning Station

Guardair Corp. offers a new, safe-to-operate vacuum designed to clean dust, powders, and debris from workers’ clothing — thereby eliminating the dangerous practice of self-cleaning with compressed air. “The Personnel Cleaning Station fills a void in the market and supports one of our key strategic initiatives -- our focus on workplace safety,” according to Guardair's Eric Mills, "and it allows us to offer a unique and effective solution to an important safety concern."


Upcoming Events

8th China Intl. Diecasting Congress & Exhibition

Shanghai — June 17-22


ASM International Aeromat 2012

Charlotte — June 18-20


Design & Manufacturing Midwest

Chicago — June 19-21


NFFS Foundry Noise Exposure Training Seminar

Montebello, CA — June 20




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