CASS Polymers of Michigan

CASS Polymers of Michigan

CASS Polymers of Michigan will feature Tool Chemical Composites PP-1052 Pattern Plank, the original "Red Stuff", an alternative to metal for patterns, coreboxes, matchplates, gating, and risers, at Booth No. 2957. Pattern Plant can go from CAD data to producing patterns and cores with the shortest lead times possible. CASS Polymers' complete foundry tooling system includes PP-1052 Pattern Plank, available in many different sizes; TCC-231 Pourable Pattern Plank; TCC-230 Adhesive System; TCC-5220 Fast Patch Paste, offered in convenient 50 ml cartridges; and a full line of Castable Polyurethane Systems. CASS Polymers' product lines include ADTECH plastic systems, a full line of high performance epoxy and polymer systems, and TCC, a full line of composite tooling planks for foundry tooling, model making, and fixturing. The technical staff will demonstrate that foundry tooling does not have to be made of metal.

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