CMH Manufacturing Inc.

CMH Manufacturing Inc.

CMH Manufacturing Inc., manufacturer of Hall tilt-pour permanent mold casting machines and foundry systems will demonstrating their 3HS Tilt-Pour Permanent Mold Casting Machine at CastExpo, Booth No. 2363. Tilt pouring reduces turbulence as molten metal enters the die cavity, provides shorter cycle times, and requires less metal for feeding systems. Aluminum castings produced in metal molds have a tighter dendrite structure than castings produced in other processes. It features: low maintenance; heavy-duty; frame open on three sides, front, and bottom; twin cushioned tilt cylinders for smooth tilting motion; twin ram cylinders; and is available with hydraulic power units. CMH's line of foundry equipment has a special emphasis on aluminum tilt pour gravity die casting machines. These machines offer Autocast casting machines, casting catchers, rotary tables, peripheral work cell support equipment, robotics, and automation designed around the tilt pour principle. Sales, service, and support available in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, India, Australia, China, and Europe.

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