ColdJet cleans your molds quickly and completely, while virtually eliminating uneven and irregular pours with its ColdJet Dry Ice Blasting. Since it is non-abrasive, it has been proven to effectively remove release agents without damaging the mold. Now, with ColdJet's new Aero Series, cleaning your molds is even easier, faster, and will save you more money than before. The dry ice particles safely blast away residue and then sublimate (vaporize into thin air). Simply put, there's no secondary waste, and no messy clean-up like with sandblasting. Core box screens and vents get a more thorough clean and stay cleaner with dry ice blasting - preventing gas build-up and minimizing costly irregular pours. Our dry ice blasting systems allow you to spot clean hot equipment - with no waiting to cool down - providing a complete clean at a moment's notice.

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