Flow Science

Flow Science

Flow Science, a proven leader in accurate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, will be demonstrating Flow-3D casting simulations at their booth. Flow Science's Boris Lukezic, Dir. of Engineering Services, will be available to answer questions about cost-effective simulation and process analysis for projects large and small. Visitors can also find one of Flow Science's developers, Andrei Starobin, at the technical proceedings, co-presenting with Albany-Chicago Co., "Overflow Design for Die Flashing Reduction" on Sat., May 17, at 8:30 a.m. Process, design, R&D, and quality control engineers, metallurgists, and foundry managers will see how Flow-3Ds General Moving Objects model produces highly accurate predictions of casting processes with moving geometry. This is a unique and unmatched capability among CFD software that allows casting engineers to get correct flow rates and pressure gradients for moving ladles and plungers, model centrifugal, and squeeze castings, and much more.

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