Great Lakes Castings Now Offering Two-Week Lead Times

“… a tremendous value for our customers …"

Great Lakes Castings Corp., a gray-iron foundry in Luddington, MI, is offering customers a two-week lead time on orders for most castings, providing they have the necessary tooling available. Robert Killips, president of GCC, states:

"Our ability to offer a two-week lead time to most of our customers with existing tooling at Great Lakes creates a tremendous value for our customers. We have the people and the machinery working together to deliver high-quality gray iron castings to our customers in a timely manner. This helps reduce costly inventory and speeds up their time to market."

Great Lakes Castings is QS9000- and ISO9002 registered. At its foundry in Luddington it operates several molding machines, including six 14x19 Hunters, two 20x24 Hunters, a 20x24 Roberts Sinto, and a 2013B Disamatic. GCC also operates a finishing facility in Holland, MI.

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