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Hyundai Unit Building New Aluminum Diecasting Plant

Truck subsidiary’s Tijuana project to start up in 2014

Hyundai Translead, a manufacturer of commercial trucks and trailers, and domestic containers, container chassis, and converter dollies for the North American market, has plans to build a new aluminum diecasting plant in Tijuana, Mexico. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Co., and already has three manufacturing and assembly plants in that Mexican city.

The new plant will produce engine blocks, cylinder heads, and transmission cases, in a total volume of 900,000 units/year. Construction is scheduled to start this month and the new plant would reach its full capacity in January 2014.

The new plant represents an investment of $9.78 million (M$131 million), and will employ nearly 300 workers.

Hyundai Translead, established in 1989, is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

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