PowerIt Solutions

Powerit Solutions, a leading provider of intelligent energy management technologies specifically designed for industrial foundry facilities, will be exhibiting at CastExpo. This innovative technology allows customers in a wide variety of foundry applications to automate their electrical power management, implement intelligent demand response initiatives, and realize significant cost savings - all without risk to production or quality. Powerit's technology is currently producing savings at over 600 installations worldwide, with many installations in industrial foundries. Some of Powerit's customers include Rochester Metals, California Steel, Pacific Alloys, Metaltek, Federal Mogul, Pacific Steel Castings, Foote Foundry, Gregg Industries, Wisconsin Centrifugal, and AB&I. Our innovative booth will invite attendees to learn more about intelligent demand management and cleantech energy conservation. Plus, we will run live demonstrations showing how easy it can be to participate in utility incentive programs that not only pay you for promoting grid reliability, but may even cover the cost of implementing this technology.

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