Weekly Update  May 5, 2009

Weekly Update May 5, 2009

Alcoa has a buyer for cast-wheel business ASK Chemicals to distribute SphereOx in Europe Research aims for "greener" aluminum casting.

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Weekly UpdateMay 5, 2009
GoIndustry DoveBid Fixed Date Private Treaty Sale
Bid Submission Deadline: June 30th

Dana Cast Iron Foundry
Valencia, Venezuela

Disa 2070 MK2-B Molding System (1995):
•Production Capacity 190-240 Molds/Hour
•Disa Core Setting and Pattern Change Units
•Disa Precision Mold Conveyor
•Xicom PLC Control

Shot Blast Machines: •(3) Wheelabrator 36” Tumblast

Additional Foundry and Support Equipment:
•Disacool CDR3800 Cooling Drum
•Disa SS80 Sand Aerator
•Sand Conveyors
•(2) Ajax and (2) Inductotherm Electric Melt Furnaces
•Snagging Grinders
•Bridge Cranes
For information, contact: OSWALDO MENDOZA
248-436-8017 or 916-825-8284
[email protected]

This Week's Metalcasting News Review

Alcoa Has a Buyer for Cast Wheel Biz
Alcoa reportedly has a buyer for its cast wheel business, which includes a plant in Beloit, WI. The identity of the buyer and terms of the sale have not been released. Read more

Navistar to Supply Diesel Engines to Daewoo
The in-line, four-cylinder engines are a new entry for Navistar’s MaxxForce series, which are cast in compacted graphite iron (CGI) by the Brazilian foundry group Tupy. Production will start in mid 2011, and eventually may reach up to 25,000 units/year. Read more

ASK Chemicals to Distribute SphereOX in Europe
SphereOX is used to eliminate veining and reduce most gas defects. It’s said to improve productivity by reducing rework, and to reduce airborne dust and VOCs. Read more

Featured This Week

Research Aims to Make Aluminum Casting “Greener”
The Constraine Rapid Induction Melting Single Shot (CRIMSON) process ensures that the exact amount of aluminum needed for a particular casting is melted rapidly in a crucible, using induction heating. Read more

Forums And Blogs

REB Blog: Truth, justice ...
It’s not enough to go about your business fairly and honestly. You have to be willing and ready to defend yourself. Like pirates, there are organized and resourceful bands of opportunists swarming the legal system to make themselves wealthy on your efforts: your resources are their source of revenue. Read more


Case Studies / Whitepapers

Sponsored case studies from the Foundry Management & Technology collection provide real-world accounts of what's happening in the foundry industry. They chronicle the events faced by business owners and managers who had to deal with changes in the competitive environment, and plots the owners' or managers' response which usually involves a change in their business strategy.

Latest case studies added to the Foundry M&T collection:
Intelligent Demand Response
Impact Markers Support Manufacturing's Desire to Apply Green Manufacturing Techniques
For Foundries, Necessity is the Mother of Invention
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Econo-Pour Automatic Pouring Unit
The Roberts Sinto Econo-Pour systems have only one objective… to reduce your pouring costs by improvement in some or all of the following areas:

The Roberts Sinto Econo-Pour system is a proven tool to help the foundry operator reduce costs in today’s highly competitive environment.

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FM&T Hall of Honor
The FOUNDRY Management & Technology Hall of Honor recognizes men and women whose technical and process innovations; organizational leadership; professional and industrial standards; and personal contributions and achievements have improved and enhanced metalcasting as a science, as an industry, and as a community. Help us identify the next metalcaster to join the FM&T Hall of Honor. Read more

Upcoming Events

CIM Conference & Expo
Toronto — May 10-13, 2009 Read more

ESI Group Solidification Course 2009
Les Diablertes, Switzerland — May 10-15, 2009 Read more

NADCA's Die Casting Defects Course
Wheeling, IL — May 12-13, 2009 Read more

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Seminar
Los Angeles, CA — May 18, 2009 Read more

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