FM&T Hall of Honor Inductees

FM&T Hall of Honor Inductees

Foundry Magazine proudly honors special individuals who have made significant contributions to our industry

The FOUNDRY Management & Technology Hall of Honor recognizes men and women whose technical and process innovations; organizational leadership; professional and industrial standards; and personal contributions and achievements have improved and enhanced metalcasting as a science, as an industry, and as a community.



Bernard N. Ames * William E. Gephardt Jr. * George W. Mathews, Jr.
* E. William Aylward Sr. * William J. Grede Paul H. Mikkola
Paul L. Barker, Jr. * Joseph W. Harrison * Keith D. Millis
Dwight J. Barnhard Daryl F. Hoyt Jack R. Moore
Charles E. Bates William A. Hunter Henry M. Rowan
* Xarifa Bean Louis Iannettoni * Francis Schumann
* George N. Booth Burleigh E. Jacobs David H. Shanks
* W. Scott Brown * Earl W. Jahn Hugh M. Sims, Jr.
* Donald G. Brunner Lyle R. Jenkins Robert W. Smillie
Paul Carey * Greg J. Kedrosky Bill Sorensen
Samuel Clow Ezra L. Kotzin * Glenn W. Stahl
* Edward H. Cooley Lawrence S. Krueger * Vickie Van Steenberge
* A. Stubbs Davis * Max Kuniansky * Parker A. Stroom
* Herman H. Doehler * Karl L. Landgrebe Gary L. Thoe
Dennis Dotson * Walter O. Larson, Jr. John A. Wagner Sr.
* Robert W. Eck Carl R. Loper, Jr. John F. Wallace
* Murvin S. Enders, Jr. * George W. Mathews, Jr. R. Conner Warren
    * Ray H. Witt

* Inaugural inductee, 1992




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