Semi-Automatic Mold Machine Breakthrough

Semi-Automatic Mold Machine Breakthrough

Harrison Dual Mold/Core Machine

The Harrison Dual Mold/Core Machine offers smaller foundries affordable, state-of-the-art technology with the convenience of frequent changeovers and flexibility for handling a range of casting sizes.

Harrison Machine Co. moldmaking machines are designed for job-shop foundries with a traditional flaskless, greensand matchplate model, and the truly innovative DMC Series. It allows one operator to produce both molds and cores at the same time with precedent-setting flexibility and versatility.

Harrison’s Dual Mold/Core Machine (DMC) line is a true breakthrough for smaller foundries: Now, they have technology that doesn’t cost a fortune or take up huge amounts of space. More important, job shops can still manage frequent changeovers and a large range in casting sizes, with new, proven technology that provides production and cost control features as well as superior productivity. Unparalleled in its flexibility, the DMC system is the only semi-automatic moldmaking system that will easily run a variety of flask and pattern sizes, produce vertically and horizontally split molds, and produce both molds and cores on the same machine at once with just one operator. Both stations can make either cores or molds, so while a mold is made the companion core can be made at the same time; or two different vertical molds can be made; or two different cores can be made; or both halves of a horizontal mold.

This system replaces old manual squeezer operations, greensand systems, no-bake systems, and old core machines, and can run with existing core boxes and tooling adapted from existing matchplates. Any common cold-process binder system can be used, but new, low-emissions silicates are recommended. Harrison’s built in self-monitoring Smart Cure technology assures quality and an efficient through-cure. The systems ability to run a variety of flask sizes makes it possible to keep a correct sand to metal ratio for better cost-control.

More important, the DMC vertical mold making system allows the use of proven pour basin, runner, and gating technology (only applicable to vertical split molds) that when properly applied can significantly reduce the number and size of risers which greatly increases yield and in turn reduces melt energy usage by as much as 30%.

DMC systems are available as complete packages with a mold lift assist, a machine mounted mixer, sand delivery and storage, mold closers, pour line conveyor, and non-thermal sand reclamation. Existing sand storage and delivery systems as well as pour line conveyors are generally easily adapted can usually can be used with the DMC system.

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