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Astech produces replacement parts for blastcleaning machines produced by Wheelabrator Pangborn BCP Goff and others

Shot-Blast Machine Liners

Oct. 8, 2012
High-performance replacement parts Parts for OEM designs in stock, designed for quick installation

ASTECH INC. recently announced the availability of new, higher-performance shot-blast machine replacement liners and cab nuts in cast chrome iron.  These new liners are manufactured to a high metallurgical standard, resulting in more durable, longer-lasting materials.

Michigan-based Astech is a specialty manufacturer of high-performance replacement parts for blasting operations in metalcasting and other industries. It produces replacement parts are designed for installation in blast-cleaning machines produced by Wheelabrator, Pangborn, BCP, Goff, and others.  

The company also operates an ISO-certified steel foundry producing castings for heat, wear, and corrosion resistance.  Its products are cast in a variety of alloys, including manganese steel, carbon steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steels, high-chromium white irons, and many nickel based alloys.

Competing OEM replacement liners are expensive and subject to availability issues. Astech’s new liners are in stock and designed to be replaced quickly, and to fit any brand of blast machine, with no modifications needed.

“Our new liners are ideal, as they are easily installed, last longer, and cost less,” according to Astech president Alan Bukach. “Our expertise as a foundry puts us in an ideal testing environment for developing more efficient blast parts.  We are pleased to bring the very best in blast liners to especially reduce installation and part cost.”