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The CGV-900 offers built-in compliance, allowing the unit to compensate for irregularities in part surfaces and maintain contact with a workpiece. The compliance force is adjustable, so users can fine-tune finishing processes in real time.
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Plasma - or laser - cutting achieves clean cuts that require less grinding or deburring in subsequent finishing steps.
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The wear-free two-substance ring nozzle generates a pulsed jet. It contains a valve specially developed for this purpose and achieves pulse times as fast as 20 milliseconds.
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Premium Dura-Flight products are cast or fabricated manganese steel replacement parts for blasting machines designed by various OEMs.

New Manganese Steel Flights

June 14, 2013
Cast and fabricated versions available Heavy-duty, low-maintenance service

ASTECH INC. introduced a new series of manganese-steel flights for replacement parts in shot-blast machines of all designs.  Available as cast or fabricated products, both types of these Premium Dura-Flight (PDF) products are engineered for long service life at low cost, according to the Michigan-based specialty manufacturer. It supplies a range of replacement parts for blast-cleaning machines produced by Wheelabrator, Pangborn, BCP, Goff, and others.  

Astech also operates a steel foundry that specializes castings for heat-, wear-, and corrosion-resistance. Alloys cast include manganese steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steels, high-chromium white iron, and many nickel-based alloys.

The PDF products are designed for heavy-duty, low-maintenance service, and to compliment Astech’s Dura-link line. The supplier noted the new flights reportedly would outlast standard, mild steel flights by more than 300%, and in addition to reducing replacement costs they will promote “higher maintenance efficiencies” and reduce machine downtime.

Both cast and fabricated versions are composed of 11-14% “superior grade” abrasion-resistant manganese steel.  Both versions are engineered and tested to outperform OEM flights, and can be customized to fit specific needs.

“Our new Premium Dura-Flights are easily installed and are extremely long lasting,” explained Astech president Alan Bukach. “Our expertise as a foundry puts us in an ideal testing environment for all of our shot blast parts. We were so pleased with the results, that we added it to our line.”

In addition to blast parts, Astech supplies foundry filters that lower energy costs and increase baghouse efficiency.