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Examples of precision iron castings produced by Gnutti Carlo USA: (clockwise, from top left) rocker arm components, valve lifters, rocker arm assemblies, and valve bridges. The group also produces

New Machine Shop Opens for Iron Foundry

Oct. 19, 2015
Gnutti Carlo USA adds machine shop to former Shelco Foundry operation 64,000-sq.-ft. expansion Over $9 million for foundry, machine shop Ductile and gray iron auto parts

Gnutti Carlo USA has opened the machine shop supporting its gray and ductile iron casting plant in Jacksonville, AL, a $9-million project that combines a former WH Industries finishing operation in Northvale, NJ, with the former Shelco Foundry in Alabama. Auto parts manufacturer Gnutti Carlo acquired WH Industries in 2012, and announced plans to combine the two operations last year. 

In 2014 the city of Jacksonville, in northeastern, Alabama, staked $62,500 for expansion project, contingent upon the creation of 106 jobs over two years.

The foundry and machine shop supplies automotive engine parts to domestic OEMs, including engine supports, rocker arms, camshaft thrust plates, brackets, and exhaust flanges. Customers include Caterpillar Inc., Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp., and Detroit Diesel.

The group noted it invested more than $18 million on the foundry, which employs 181 people making small castings for the automotive industry. Customers including Ford Motor Co. and General Motors purchase its engine components.

According to the company’s website, the foundry and machine shop consist of 101 machines and process, including new technologies.

“We have invested here in Alabama more than $9 million between the foundry and machine shop,” stated Gnutti Carlo CEO Paolo Groff. “We still believe this site has significant potential.”

Currently the plant has more than 180 employees, and 20 to 30 new positions are expected following the 64,000-sq.-ft. machine shop expansion.