The SV20s 36 in x 40 in 915 mm x 1015 mm work envelope frontloading design and weight capacity up to 1500 lb 680 kg make it versatile for processing engine blocks or other large parts like compressor bodies and pumps Sunnen Products Co.
The SV-20’s 36 in. x 40 in. (915 mm x 1015 mm) work envelope, front-loading design, and weight capacity up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) make it versatile for processing engine blocks or other large parts, like compressor bodies and pumps.

'Breakthrough' Automotive Honing Machine

Variable-speed spindle motor New linear stroking system Rotary servo tool-feed system

SUNNEN PRODUCTS CO.’s new SV-20 honing system combines a new linear servo-stroking technology with the power and capacity to drive multi-stone diamond tools for OEM-quality bore geometry on automotive/truck blocks, cylinder liners and similar large parts.  The builder calls the SV-20 “a breakthrough design.”

The machine accepts blocks as large as the Cat 3126 in-line six and Ford 7.3 L V-8 (International 444) – even “mountain motors” with deck plates can be honed in one setup on the rollover fixture. The SV-20 is equipped with a variable-speed 15-600 rpm, 5.5 hp (4.1-kW) spindle motor, powerful enough to drive two-stage diamond honing tools through a 20-inch stroke at up to 100 strokes per minute for short cycle times and minimal labor. The large multi-stone tools produce a rounder bore than ever before possible.

The SV-20’s new linear stroking system with 3.36-hp (2.5-kW) servo drive keeps the honing tool concentric with the bore throughout the full stroke length to produce a consistent diameter from top to bottom of the bore. It can hone bores with inside diameters from 0.75 to 8 in. (19-200 mm). The machine's 36 in. x 40 in. (915 mm x 1015 mm) work envelope, front-loading design, and weight capacity up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) combine for versatility in processing a wide range of other large parts, such as compressor bodies and pumps.

The PLC-controlled SV-20 uses an industrial color touch screen with hand wheel to jog for fast setup and easy operator training. The computer control ensures automatic, consistent bore-to-bore geometry and finish, without constant adjustment by the operator. The control’s real-time display of bore cross section allows the user to see taper and correct it by dwelling the tool in the required position. Programmable auto dwell also allows taper correction through the PLC for unattended operation. The control allows on-the-fly changes of spindle and stroke speeds, and automatic calculation of crosshatch, stroke length/speed and spindle speed.

Variable speed control allows a much wider range of processing options and consistent crosshatch pattern, with automatic switching from roughing to finishing with one push of a button. Left/right positioning of the column on its 30-in. X-axis (760 mm) is easily accomplished with a machine-mounted hand wheel immediately below the PLC. The machine comes standard with a 55-gal. (208-litre) internal coolant system equipped with two standard canister filters.

The SV-20’s rotary servo tool feed system can be used with two-stage hone heads to complete roughing and finishing without stone changes for faster processing times. The machine is compatible with all of Sunnen's past and current tooling for CK/CV/SV-series machines, including diamond abrasive hone heads and brushes, GHSS single-stage hone heads with CBN or diamond abrasives and brushes, and GHTS hone heads for two-stage honing with CBN or diamond abrasives.

The SV-20 is available with a 400V/50Hz/3Ph or 460V/60Hz/3Ph electrical system. Options include a T-slot base and manual rollover cradle for engine blocks.


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