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Thermo Scientific
Thermo Scientific™ ARL iSpark™ Plus optical emission spectrometer.
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Advanced sensor technologies like load moment indicators, anti-collision systems and zone monitoring have become commonplace in modern cranes. These systems provide real-time data on load capacity, stability, and potential hazards, ensuring safer operations.
Brass Knuckle Safety Products
Brass Knuckle Read is cost-effective and lightweight bifocal eye protection that fits well and is available in five diopter strengths.


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Programming a robot in an automotive manufacturing workcell.
Issues and Ideas

Robots Need Human Labor Management

Feb. 3, 2023
Without using intelligent labor management technology, businesses will not efficiently and effectively manage their robotics systems.
Boge re-issued its EO series and expanded its performance range to 30 kW - meaning these quiet and compact models can now be used for more applications.
New Products

Updated Air Compressors

Aug. 15, 2023
The EO series now has a performance range up to 30 kW, including workplaces that require oil-free use, including small/medium-output performance requirements with low-vibration...
Kaeser Compressors
Kaeser Compressors' i.Comp variable-speed reciprocating compressors.
New Products

Variable-Speed Reciprocating Compressors

Aug. 8, 2023
Compact, low maintenance units operate quietly and efficiently, delivering high-quality compressed air.
ABB Robotics
The new models include the IRB 6710, IRB 6720, IRB 6730 and IRB 6740, suitable for payloads ranging from 150 kg to 310 kg, with a reach from 2.5 m to 3.2 m.
New Products

More Large Robot Options

July 18, 2023
Four new models – with 22 variants – offer more choices, more range, and repeatability with a minimum of 0.03 mm deviation, for reliability and productivity.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific™ ARL iSpark™ 8860 Inclusion Analyzer with Spark-DAT.
New Products

Monitor Inclusions in Steel

June 20, 2023
Thorough elemental analysis combined with fast inclusion analysis, right at the point of manufacturing, keeps inclusion contents of steel low and prevents costly production issues...


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Foundry's 2023-2024 Where-to-Buy Directory

Sept. 4, 2023
Locate suppliers for all your metalcasting needs and purchasing decisions.
Fluke Process Instruments
The ThermoView TV30 enables 24/7 temperature monitoring without an external PC, easy interfacing with PLCs and sophisticated analysis with real-time feedback on the compliance and safety of processes and assets.
BOGE America
Compact S-4 series screw compressor for the 45- to 160-kW performance range.
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Installing solar power arrays could be a step toward sustainable manufacturing.
Issues and Ideas

5 Steps to a Sustainable Plant

May 1, 2023
Revenue growth, cost reduction, cutting regulatory intervention and improving productivity are among the advantages that environmentally responsible manufacturing can deliver....
Brokk Inc.
A demolition machine accesses hard-to-reach areas easily and safely, to clean slag and build-up on furnaces and molten-metal holding vessels.
Purchasing and MRO

Remote-Controlled Robots Boost Efficiency

May 1, 2023
Demolition machinery provides flexibility and precision for dangerous, time-consuming, hard-to-access tasks, making easy work of furnace and refractory clean-up.
Purchasing and MRO

Jeff Keeling

April 28, 2023
Jeff Keeling is the vice president of sales and marketing for Brokk Inc.
Brass Knuckle
Brass Knuckle® Grasshopper (BKDST-1010N) combines comfort with protection against dust and dirt – and fog. An EVA foam dust filter with built-in air channels fills the gap between the glasses and the face, keeping dust out.
New Products

Comfortable Eyewear Shields Dust

April 25, 2023
Work goggles have a soft EVA foam dust filter with built-in air channels to seal the gap between the glasses and the face, keeping dust out – and convert easily into standard ...