The new logo for the enterprise that combines the Morgan Ceramics and Morgan Engineered Materials divisions
The new logo for the enterprise that combines the Morgan Ceramics and Morgan Engineered Materials divisions.

Morgan Advanced Materials Links Two Divisions

Carbon, silicon carbide, ceramics, polymeric composites Structural ceramics, electro-ceramics, precious metal products Promoting product range more effectively

Morgan Crucible, manufacturers of industrial carbon and ceramic products, reported it combined its Morgan Ceramics and Morgan Engineered Materials divisions to form a single business, Morgan Advanced Materials.  It stated the “simplified structure” completes an effort over recent years to establish a unified business (“one Morgan”) that reflects its activities in various high-performance engineering sectors.

As separate enterprises, Morgan Engineered Materials has been producing carbon, silicon carbide, oxide-based ceramics and advanced polymeric composites; Morgan Ceramics has produced structural ceramic, electro-ceramic, and precious metal products.

In its announcement, the company said combining the two businesses would be a change that allows the group to promote its full range of products and technologies more effectively. It also predicted that the new Morgan Advanced Materials brand would help to position the group for growth in several markets. Those growth sectors are the energy, transport, health care, electronics, petrochemical, and industrial markets.

“We are creating a consistent, ‘One Morgan’ business that will enable us to serve our customers better by widening the depth and breadth of expertise available to each project,” stated CEO Mark Robertshaw.  “By continuing to streamline our activities we are more efficient and in a good position to accelerate profitable growth.”

The new Morgan Advanced Materials is described as a designer and manufacturer of “performance materials engineered as high-specification components, assemblies, and systems.”

Describing its new objectives, the company said much of its business involves the designing and manufacturing precision-engineered custom parts, developed in collaboration with customers. 

Morgan Advanced Materials said its new name retains “the history, strength and reassurance” of the Morgan brand, and reflects its current activities and focus for future growth.

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