CWI Places Alt-Fuel Engines in San Diego Transit

July 10, 2005
103 engines powering buses for two systems

Cummins Westport Inc. reportsit has placed another 103 of its C Gas Plus natural-gas engines with two transit authorities in the San Diego, CA, region, to power transit buses.

CWI a joint venture of engine designer/manufacturer Cummins Inc. and Vancouver-based Westport Innovations Inc. that manufactures a range of low-emissions alternative fuel engines for commercial transportation. Westport develops alternative-fuel technologies that use natural gas, hydrogen, and hydrogen-enriched natural gas (HCNG). The joint-venture’s power units are installed in trucks and buses around the world.

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System took delivery of 47 coaches for its largest bus operator, San Diego Transit, and several MTS contract bus operators. The new fleet is powered with the 8.3-liter C Gas Plus natural-gas engine.

Claire Spielberg, COO for MTS Bus, said, "San Diego Transit now has 143 buses powered by CWI C Gas Plus engines. That represents 52% of our entire fleet. Maintenance and Operations staff have found the engines to be very reliable and we are very pleased with their performance. The region has chosen CNG as our alternate fuel path and our organization is making every effort to improve the air quality."

North County Transit District soon will receive the second of two recent orders totaling 56 buses, all powered by CWI C Gas Plus engines. "North County decided to operate the CWI C Gas Plus engine to achieve the benefits of natural gas engine technology, which include cleaner air. CWI engines assist to maintain the fleet performance and reliability our customers are used to and expect," explains Mike Wygant, maintenance manager for NCTD.

"City governments and transit operators recognize the immediate need to improve air quality in their communities and address energy security for transportation while achieving their economic objectives," Guan Saw, president of Cummins Westport Inc., explains. "These customers continue to demand the reliability, performance, and economic benefits that CWI engines have to offer and we continue to advance our technology to improve our products over time."