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Mobex Global
Mobex Al Chassis Hollow 800

Aluminum Casting, Machining Group is Now Mobex Global

July 14, 2020
The Busche Performance Group is recapitalized and renamed to reflect its efforts and focus on "the mobility market with engineered, precision cast and machined components and assemblies."

Aluminum foundry Busche Performance Group is renaming itself Mobex Global following a recent recapitalization program, explaining that the new brand portrays its strategic initiatives, acquisitions and divestitures, and its role as a partner to automotive, agriculture, construction, and industrial customers. The financial details of the recapitalization by the private shareholders were not announced.

“We recognized an emerging need for a company in our space that can pace the needs of the evolving mobility market with engineered, precision cast and machined components and assemblies,” said Joseph Perkins, president and CEO. “We took a hard look, reorganized, optimized processes and enhanced capabilities – and built such a company.”

The Southfield, MI-based organization was assembled through a series of acquisitions over the past decade, notably with the 2015 addition of the onetime Compass Automotive Group sand casting foundries in Franklin, IN, and Fruitport, MI, to the Busche Enterprise portfolio of CNC machining plants in Albion and Kendallville, IN, and Hartselle, AL.

The product line includes aluminum automotive chassis and suspensions parts, as well as other engineered castings for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in automotive, agricultural, construction and industrial markets. The foundries use squeeze casting and vacuum riserless/pressure riserless casting (VRC/PRC) processes. The finishing operations include dozens of CNC machining and turning units.

The group also offers design and engineering services, prototyping, tooling production, product validation, and finished component assembly.

“Our recently announced recapitalization by existing shareholders demonstrates the strong confidence that the board and shareholders have in the management team and company vision,” stated chairman Chris Charlton. “With more engineering and production capabilities worldwide, Mobex Global ranks among the few casting and precision machining suppliers with comprehensive vertically integrated, in-house services to deliver unmatched levels of reliability and responsiveness to support customer programs.”