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UAW Strikes at John Deere

Oct. 19, 2021
After rejecting a negotiated agreement, more than 10,000 union members hit the group’s iron foundry and 13 other plants.

More than 10,000 UAW members struck 14 Deere & Co. plants on October 14, having previously voted down a proposed six-year labor agreement by a significant majority. The plants affected include Deere’s gray and ductile iron foundry in Waterloo, IA. It is the first company-wide strike for Deere in 35 years.

"Strikes are never easy on workers or their families, but John Deere workers believe they deserve a better share of the pie, a safer workplace, and adequate benefits," according to Mitchell Smith, Region 8 director for the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America.

Reportedly, the union’s demands include higher wages, lower health insurance co-payments, and enhanced retirement benefits.

"We are determined to reach an agreement with the UAW that would put every employee in a better economic position and continue to make them the highest paid employees in the agriculture and construction industries," stated Brad Morris, Deere & Co. vice president of Labor Relations. "We will keep working day and night to understand our employees' priorities and resolve this strike, while also keeping our operations running for the benefit of all those we serve."