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McWane Ductile Ohio pipe products, Coshocton, Ohio.

McWane Starts CapEx Program in Ohio

July 27, 2022
A $45-million improvement and expansion project includes a new annealing line for ductile iron pipe products, with prospects for job creation.

The McWane Ductile foundry in Coshocton, OH, will be the site of a $45-million capital investment program covering plant renovations and expansion, infrastructure improvements, as well as a new annealing line for ductile iron pipe products. According to a McWane announcement, the projects will create 50 new jobs and retain over 500 jobs at the foundry, and a collaboration with several regional agencies will strengthen McWane Ductile Ohio’s talent retention and recruitment efforts.

No schedule was revealed for the plant updates.

“By tying capital investments to job growth, these incentives provide a win-win, strengthening Ohio’s market competitiveness while securing our Coshocton workforce to sustain their families and our local economy,” stated McWane Ductile Ohio general manager Tom Crawford.

McWane Ductile Ohio is receiving $21.5 million from JobsOhio, the Ohio Dept of Development, Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE), and the Coshocton County Port Authority, including a tax credit from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority.

“This is not a loan or a grant but an investment on the company’s behalf by the JobsOhio Talent Team Members and JobsOhio partners with customized solutions to assist in attracting and retaining quality employees,” according to OhioSE president Mike Jacoby. “These are unique times, and finding and training talent is the biggest need among companies across the country.

McWane Ductile is a McWane Inc. subsidiary with plants in Phillipsburg, NJ, and Provo, UT, as well as Coshocton, OH. The foundry casts and finishes a range of ductile iron pipe products for water and sewage systems.