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Pouring iron castings at Northern Iron & Machine, St. Paul, MN.

Lawton Standard Adds Northern Iron & Machine

Aug. 25, 2022
The Minnesota ferrous foundry and machine shop adds casting size and process diversity to the expanding holding company.

Ferrous foundry group The Lawton Standard Co. announced it has added Northern Iron & Machine to its holdings, making it the sixth foundry in the portfolio it began assembling in 2019. The St. Paul, MN, foundry produces and machines gray iron, ductile iron, and austempered iron castings up to 250 lbs., which are supplied to industrial equipment builders, oil-and-gas exploration operations, commercial vehicle manufacturers, and locomotive and off-highway machinery builders.

According to the buyer, Northern Iron & Machine will expand the Lawton Standard group’s range of casting sizes and production methods, benefitting customers with expanded sourcing options.

The value and other terms of the private transaction were not announced.

Northern Iron & Machine operates two molding lines (including a DISA Match automated line for up to 130 molds/hour) and three coreless induction furnaces. Finishing systems include CNC milling and turning machines for machining to tolerances of ±0.0005 in.

The Minnesota foundry’s retiring CEO Scott J Hamlett, explained that “Lawton, with their expertise in the foundry industry, will be able to take NIM to the next level. Lawton has the resources necessary to improve operational efficiencies and technical abilities. Best of all, they’ll continue the culture of a close-knit family organization.”

“NIM utilizes modern and efficient equipment and is run by well-trained, dedicated workers. We’re eager to develop and grow from an interchange of knowledge and projects between NIM and all locations,” commented CEO Alex Lawton.

In addition to Northern Iron & Machine, the Lawton-Standard group of companies includes:
-  C.A. Lawton Co., De Pere, WI;
-  Temperform, Novi, MI;
-  Damascus Steel Casting Co., New Brighton, PA;
-  C.A. Lawton Co. - Minster, OH (formerly the foundry division of Nidec Minster);
-  Penn-Mar Castings, Hanover, PA; and,
-  QESC, Houston.