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Plastic pipes.

Charlotte Pipe Building New Plant in Kansas

May 16, 2023
An $80-milllion project will get underway in January to establish a new manufacturing operation near Wichita, for PVC pipes for plumbing and irrigation.

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Co. announced plans to build a new plant near Wichita, KS, to manufacture PVC pipes for plumbing and irrigation projects. Known as a producer of cast iron pipe and fittings, Charlotte Pipe has been manufacturing plastic plumbing systems since 1967, with three plants in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas producing pipe and fittings for residential and commercial plumbing.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to expand our operations in the Midwest,” stated Charlotte Pipe CEO Hooper Hardison. “Maize (KS) is ideally located in the center of the country to help us better serve our customers. It is also a fast-growing, business-friendly community with an excellent workforce we can draw from to staff our new plant.”

The expansion, which received local, county and state government support, is expected to create 50 new jobs.

Charlotte Pipe claims its Plastics Division is the largest U.S. producer of DWV piping from PVC, ABS, and CPVC thermoplastics, for applications that include pressure and drain, waste, and vent systems. 

The $80-milllion project in Maize, KS, will include a new, 134,000-sq.ft plant producing plastic pipes for plumbing and irrigation. It will have railroad access, including transportation and supply-chain services provided by WATCO. About 50 new jobs will be created with the new operation.

Charlotte Pipe indicated construction is scheduled to begin in January 2024, with completion set for early 2025. No start-up date has been announced for the new plant.

The project to replace Charlotte Pipe's main iron foundry with a new plant in Oakboro, NC, about 30 miles east of Charlotte, is on track for completion later this year.