Safe, Efficient No-Bake Mold Handling

Jan. 22, 2010
with dependability and low maintenance, and more inherent control over the mold.

Mold handlers improve plant efficiency by making it possible to handle more molds safely and predictably.

Donovan mold handlers, a product of Vulcan Engineering Co., offer a safer and more efficient way to handle the no-bake molds, offering dependability and low maintenance, and more inherent control over the mold than slings, chains, and some other commercially available manipulators.

In addition, they make it possible for heavy molds to be handled by fewer workers, with minimal effort. Controlled mold handling reduces the risk of damage to the products, and reduces the chance of injury to workers.

Overhead crane-hung models are available for flaskless and flask-type molds, in standard models with capacities of 1,000 to 12,000 lb; some custom-built units have capacities over 50,000 lb. These systems will: Handle complete molds, or roll over and closes mold halves; automatically hold molds level with a manual override feature; offer self-contained hydraulics; mount easily on a hoist, monorail, jib or bridge crane; hold molds securely in any position for core-setting, venting, cleaning and closing.

Crane-hung mold handlers will hold complete molds or mold halves securely in any position, for setting cores, venting, cleaning and closing.

Also, the overhead models have no belts or chains to maintain. Their controls are easy to access, though protected behind the loop handles. Flaskless models use gripper pads with replaceable hardened spikes to securely clamp the mold. They also provide adjustable squeeze pressure with a squeeze indicator. Trunnion adapters are available to fit individual foundry requirements.

Gantry-type handling units are available in standard models with capacities of 2,000 to 6000 lb; custom-engineered units are available, too. This type of machine is available in both freestanding and mobile styles, the latter to be mounted on wheels in order to move between conveyor lines. They offer faster cycle times than crane-hung units, and handle a large range of mold sizes. They can be configured for a single operator, or fully automated.

Scott Richards manages Foundry Systems Design and Development for Vulcan Engineering.