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Automotive aluminum diecastings.
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Workers in a foundry casting a metal workpiece.
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Low-pressure sand mold components.
Texmo Precision Castings
An investment-cast lawnmower engine part, produced by Texmo Precision Castings.
Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry
Hand-grinding a green sand casting at Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry.
StaCool Industries
Workers wear the StaCool vest under aluminized PPE, with frozen thermal packets inserted into pockets to help regulate core body temperatures.

Molding: Matchplate Design Simplifies Near-Net Shape Mold Forming

Feb. 19, 2006
Now, it's possible to produce near-net-shape castings efficiently

Near-net-shape casting is a common goal among metalcasters who seek greater process efficiencies, and the new XL Series of horizontal matchplate molding machines is one of the most notable advances in that effort.

Hunter Automated Machinery Corp. ( offers several advances for making and handling green-sand molds, and some refinements, that directly address the problem of mold shifting. The Schaumburg, IL, company claims it’s making it possible for metalcasters to produce near-net-shape castings more efficiently thanks to regular, high-volume production of molds.

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