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Pneumatic Hot Melt Glue Gun for Sand Cores

Jan. 22, 2010
Faster, more efficient bonding than water-based glues.

Power Adhesives’ TEC 6100 hot-melt glue gun bonds sand cores instantly, with better bond application and accuracy, increased productivity and less scrap.

The TEC 6100 hot melt glue gun from Power Adhesives’ applies hot melt adhesives to sand cores faster, for more efficient bonding compared than water-based glues. It bonds with no wait time, and improves bond application and accuracy, increases productivity, and reduces scrap.

The gun has twin 250-W steel heaters along with 500 W of power to meet most foundry applications. It’s designed with a fully enclosed heater housing, with a silicon rubber nozzle shroud for operator safety, and a power-on warning indicator light for easy monitoring. The housing is designed for thermal efficiency, so warm-up time is no more than five minutes. A fast, even, and controllable melt rate with two-piece easy-flow nozzle assures molten glue flows fast and smoothly, for better control of the adhesive.

The gun is loaded with 1.7-in. adhesive cartridges, and reloading the cartridge takes only seconds. Melt rate is up to 9 lb/hr, depending on the adhesive and temperature requirements. To use the TEC 6100, connect the glue gun to an electrical supply. The adhesive melts inside the gun chamber and once melted can be extruded directly onto the sand or foam mold.