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GIFA 2011 Preview

May 12, 2011
Anticipation is high for the 12th International Foundry Trade Fair, opening in late June.

Planners of GIFA and its companion trade shows acknowledge that the global industrial marketplace has changed in the four years since the last staging of the International Foundry Trade Fair, but they’re counting on that fact to heighten interest. Exhibitors have ideas and information to convey, and metalcasters have a pent-up need to invest in and improve their operations.

Early data suggest this may be true. Bookings for GIFA 2011, the 12th International Foundry Trade Fair, along with Metec, Thermprocess, and Newcast 2011, are on track to set new records. There is a trend towards larger booths, according to organizer Messe Düsseldorf: 831,300 ft2 of net exhibit space has been reserved, compared to 782,500 ft2 at the last staging in 2007.

“We did n’t expect this,” according to project director Friedrich- Georg Kehrer. “Everyone in our industry thought that the exhibitors would come, but with substantially smaller stands. However, the bookings to date reveal that the trade fairs have grown considerably, by almost 50,000 square feet.”

Previews of GIFA exhibitors follow here, but note that the weeklong event is more than a commercial opportunity. Energy and resource efficiency will be highlighted thanks to a presentation — “ecoMetals – Efficient Process Solutions” — that will emphasize a variety of industrial innovations. Visitors will find details about specific products, machines and systems, as well as solutions and services. The campaign will be supported by a numerous GIFA exhibitors, who will be highlighted by the ecoMetals logo.

And, for metallurgists and metalcasters with an academic outlook, the World Foundry Organization’s Technical Forum will be a four-day series of presentations documenting recent progress in metallurgy and metalcasting processes.

The WFO is a global consortium of more than 30 national foundry trade associations, that coordinates and documents information as a resource for metalcasting research and activity.

The preliminary program for 2011 lists over 40 30-minute presentations on topics ranging from metallurgy to molding methods, as well as casting processes, diecasting techniques, heating, and finishing.

Acetarc Engineering Co.
Acetarc is an ISO9001:2008-registered designer/manufacturer of foundry ladles, pouring systems and associated handling equipment for foundries around the world. It will exhibit a 2,000-Kg capacity Workhorse heavy-duty ladle with motorized rotation and inverter control and variable- speed rotation — a scaleddown version of the 50-t motorized ladle recently supplied to Rolls Royce Naval Marine Inc. Tocco Magnethermic
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic is a leader in induction heating and melting, with proven applications in brazing, annealing, hardening, tempering, seam annealing, shrink fitting, curing, forging and melting. Technical superiority is reflected in skilled personnel, international reputation, modern facilities, technically advanced products, and a tradition of product innovation. By maintaining a research program and its commitment to expanding induction technology, Ajax TOCCO is dedicated to bringing new ideas to the metals industries.
Allied Mineral Products Inc.
Allied Mineral Products will exhibit its complete refractory line for molten-metal transfer, heat containment, and holding applications. It will feature an interactive presentation of its technological advantages, worldwide manufacturing facilities and global sales and service. Allied’s refractory product lines will highlight – DRI-VIBE®, DRI-VIBE® FR, Electric Vibrating System, MINRO STIR PRO NOZZLES, QUICK-FIRE®, TUFFCRETE® products, and more.
American Colloid Co.
AMCOL® International Corp., through its operating subsidiaries, produces value-added, specialty minerals and related products. AMCOL’s minerals segment is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Bentonite and related products. AMCOL has developed a proprietary process, HEVI- SAND®, for production and particle- size distribution of foundry-grade chromite sand. Also new is LOVOX®, a mineral-based binder system for core and mold production that offers a combination of excellent veining resistance, gas-defect reduction and shakeout properties in a low-VOCs, -HAPs, and -odor binder. Chemicals
ASK Chemicals, the global joint venture of Ashland Inc and Sd-Chemie AG, is among the leading manufacturers of foundry chemicals and services across the whole value chain - from core molding all the way to the melting process. Industry knowledge and technical expertise differentiates the partnership from others. The deep understanding of foundry processes ranges from the design of castings via simulation services and the transfer of research results from the laboratory to production status, all the way to efficient series production of highquality castings. Casting Machine Co. Inc.
CCMCO is the world’s oldest and largest exclusive supplier of horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting machinery for ferrous and nonferrous materials. It specializes in machinery for producing tubular shaped parts using the wet wash process. This includes tubes, sleeves, liners, rings and bimetallic steel rolls. CCMCO specialty machinery is also used to line bearings or brake drums. At GIFA 2011 CCMCO will focus on developments in automation and controls for centrifugal casting machinery to establish a repeatable process that produces quality castings.www.ccmcotulsa.comCeramco
Ceramco supplies high-quality ceramic thermocouple protection tubes, immersion heater tubes and heatingelement protection tubes for nonferrous applications. The TC protection tubes are made in carbon-bonded graphitic silicon carbide and nitridebonded carbide formulations, lengths up to 1.8 m, for aluminum melting, holding and dosing furnaces and LPDC. Ceramco’s immersion heater tubes provide long life in aluminum and zinc applications.
CMI Novacast Inc
CMI Novacast electromagnetic pumps use no moving parts and flow rates are very controllable and capable of instant changes. Ideal for low-pressure or gravity filling molds. Pumps sit in molten metal and draw clean metal from beneath the surface. Metal is filtered before it enters the pump, and held at the exit point to allow for instant metal flow. Heated launders maintain furnace temperature as metal is supplied to molds. We will introduce electromagnetic flow meters for accurate measurement of metal flow, and coreless pumps for accurate filling of shot sleeves.
DIDION International, Inc.
Didion will feature a new Rotary Dross/ Metal Reclaimer. Customers worldwide report incredible savings with this patented design that crushes, cleans, separates, and screens to reclaim valuable metallics all in one-step. These reclaimers also can lower operating and maint e n a n c e costs up to 80%. Installation is easy, maintenance is minimal, and energy savings are excellent. The Mark 5 Series Rotary Media Drum and Rotary Lump Crusher/Sand Reclaimer also will be featured. Customers have eliminated shotblasting time and cost prior to grinding, achieved superior flash removal, reduced maintenance costs by 90%, and eliminated airborne silica dust.
With factories, sales and service offices in three continents and an extensive agent network, DISA serves foundries all over the world with leading-edge technology and support services, and a common goal to increase productivity and lower cost per casting. In pursuit of the best solution for quality, capacity and flexibility DISA is developing enhanced vertical and horizontal flaskless molding solutions, and using its global presence to secure fast and efficient execution of projects.
EC&S has enjoyed sustained expansion for 30 years. With international project experience we have successfully delivered turnkey projects, from melting to finishing and from raw material handling to dust collection. EC&S maintains a staff of qualified project managers, construction managers, and engineers, along with field superintendents, with extensive design, procurement and construction experience — including several turnkey cupola melting systems, taking responsibility for melt rate and meeting MACT standards.
Ervin Amasteel
Ervin Industries manufactures the world’s largest-selling brand of steel abrasives, including steel shot produced at two plants in Europe. It is the North American market leader with operations across the world, all delivering superior quality. It’s a family- owned company that espouses strong ethical values and puts excellent service and respect for customers first. The Tecumseh R&D Centre constantly provides innovations that ensure Ervin abrasives remain the most cost-effective choice.
Flow Science Inc.
Flow Science now offers FLOW-3D Cast, designed specifically for creating, running and post-processing casting simulations. FLOW-3D Cast generates highly accurate flow and solidification simulation results and highlights dynamic meshing for easy model setup; material libraries for metals, molds, filters and risers; and extensive postprocessing capabilities. These features are all accessible from a user interface designed by and for casting engineers.
Fomet Srl
FOMET is a world leader in induction furnaces and a specialist in automatic pouring systems. FOMET designs and produces induction furnaces for the most varied ferrous and nonferrous applications. It boasts some of the most experienced furnace technicians anywhere, and can react quickly with the best, most efficient and economical response to various production and technical needs. FOMET’s range of induction furnaces is recognized for high engineering and technical qualities, reliability, innovation and durability.
Foseco’s exhibits will cover major products for foundry processes, with special highlights on new and unique products and applications, including: feeding technology; filtration and gating systems; ferrous metal treatment; ferrous melt shop refractories; mold and core coatings; consumables for nonferrous foundries; nonferrous metal treatment; nonferrous methoding; and nonferrous metal transfer.www.fosecomet.comGeneral Kinematics
General Kinematics will highlight the benefits of its proven two-mass vibratory equipment technology. The GK Vibratory Charge feeder will be displayed, featuring are tractable furnace nosepiece specifically designed for ‘splash-free’ operation (e.g., varying level between platform and furnace or furnace lid design.) Also, GK will present Vibratory 101™ sales training, explaining vibratory equipment fundamentals and the best way to use vibratory equipment. 20-min. classes will be available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. Pre-register online or stop by to sign up. & Wing
With 60+ years of experience, Godfrey & Wing is the global leader in vacuum impregnation. Its process knowledge has driven breakthroughs like Continuous Flow Impregnation and Water Recovery and Reuse. Both increase yield of pressure-tight components and significantly lower operating costs. G&W provides sealants, equipment and services worldwide to the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as metalcasters and other manufacturers.
HA International
HA International is a joint venture of Hüttenes Albertus (HA) and Momentive Specialty Chemicals. Providing resins, resin coated sand, and refractory coatings, HAI also offers adhesives, release agents, and flux for aluminum. The newest offering is SpheriChrome round-grain chromite mined in North America. HAI is the largest North American supplier of products for foundry core/mold production, and it works with customers to ensure on-time delivery of quality products, providing the “Best Total Solution,” improving productivity and performance while maintaining environmental responsibility.
Hunter Automated Machinery
Hunter will display its full range of foundry machinery and equipment. From sand prep to matchplate molding and mold handling, green sand testing, finishing and other equipment, Hunter is a world leader in the design, engineering and building of machines for all stages of the casting business. In addition to its own lines, Hunter also represents Maus, Space’, Primafond and Versatile in various regions of the world foundry market.
IMF srl
IMF Group will exhibit the most important innovations by IMF, Carlo Banfi Spa, and Foundry Automation, including: a 100-t/h, high-speed articulated dual continuous sand mixer; the largest automatic closing handler ever built for large flasks; a 2-t/h gas-fired no-bake sand reclamation unit; a new core center with a Spc40 cold-box core machine; and a large sand-removal and shot-blasting machine for suspended workpieces. www.imfluino.itInductotherm
Inductotherm Group is a fully global manufacturing company providing value to the metals and materials industry through production machinery, process knowledge, engineering excellence, and advanced technology. Our well known brand names include Inductotherm melting furnaces, Radyne and Inductoheat heat treating systems, Consarc vacuum melting and refining equipment and Thermatool pipe and tube welding equipment. With over 40 companies around the world, Inductotherm Group offers every customer global expertise with local support and service.
JAI Engineers UK/ JAI Pumping Technologies
JAI Engineers UK supplies advanced ceramics precisio n component s and products for foundries and other industries. The seare hard wearing, light-weight, non-contaminating, withstand very high temperature with excellent chemical resistance, and offer enhanced electrical and thermal insulating properties. JAI Pumping Technologies is developing the “Molten Metal Transportation System,” a complete closed system for alloys and superalloys, designed to withstand up to 1,000°C, reduce energy costs up to 50%, eliminate 80/90% of current scrapes/rejection rates, and deliver oxide-free molten metal. www.jaiengineers.comLaempeReich
Laempe & Mssner announce the incorporation of Rperwerk and Hottinger, allowing customers of these companies continued suppor t and benefit from an even more powerful market leader. This integration will mean an expanded line of equipment, including a low-pressure diecasting machine and the new LHL high-end machine based on Hottinger technology specifically for engine and block production lines. Also, the new GasGenerator, which precisely measures the amount of gas to the machine, and the new LCB for use with inorganic process. MAGMA GmbH
MAGMA5, the new software for casting process simulation, can optimize all stages of casting production and contribute to profitability. MAGMA5 5.2 introduces new process modes for permanent mold, low-pressure sand casting and lowpressure, hot-chamber, and coldchamber diecasting. MAGMA C+M introduces an integrated tool for simulating core production, including core shooting, blowing, and hardening of organic and inorganic cores. Processes where binder hardening is driven by a catalyst gas as well as core production with tempered core boxes are supported. MAGMA C+M considers all aspects of core production to calculate the flow of the airsand mixture based on the real shot parameters.
MAUS manufactures a complete range of flexible grinding machines, robotized grinding cells, grinding cells for the automotive industry, combined grinding machines, integrated grinding cells (machines and robots), turnkey plant for grinding parts weighing between 1 and 5,000 kg. It will exhibit both solutions: a robotized cell, comprising a grinding machine to clean parts up to 500 kg in weight, and a SAM 300 grinding machine for part with a unit weight up to 30 kg. www.maus.itMeltech Ltd.
The new Pulsar inverter features intelligent microprocessor-based control with service indicator and ergonomic user interface with backlit metering and energy monitoring. Internal features include closed-circuit water cooling with water conditioning and conductivity meter. Single- and dual-output inverters are available in ratings up to 750 Kw, at frequencies of 200 to 3,000 Hz. Mag-Melt has two variants, tilting bodies up to 1,500-kg capacity and drop coil crucible furnaces up to 150-kg for precious metal and nonferrous applications: both use shunt gap technology for magnetic screening and improved efficiency.
Morgan Molten Metal Systems
A number of MorganMMS crucibles for nonferrous metals will be featured, including Syncarb Z2, which offers energy efficiency, higher thermal conductivity and other performance features so critical to the melting process. Complementing this is a large selection of foundry products that enhance metal quality while eliminating impurities. MorganMMS also features degassing rotors that assist in removing hydrogen and contaminants from molten metal, improving strength and surface finish properties.www.morganmms.comNabertherm
Nabertherm with 350 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. It is the widest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in 100+ countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to in-house production and our wide variety of standard furnaces.
OMS Presse
The 200-2,500-t diecasting machines from OMS PRESSE are equipped with powerful control systems for consistency and repeatability, simplifying the work of technicians and maintenance personnel. OMS Presse president Jrg Stippler states: “The strength of our products can be summarized in three words: robustness, simplicity and functionality – characteristics demanded today by the market. Our plants last more than 10 years and must produce in extreme conditions and safety for 24 hours a day. This is why we subject out machines to tests that simulate the working conditions in which they will have to operate once they begin their production tasks.”
Premier Magnesia
EnviroBlend heavy metal treatment products, a family of reagents custom-blended to render wastes non-hazardous, has been used in metalcasting for over 25 years. We provide advanced technologies for treating metal-bearing wastes including bag house waste, molding sands, and landfills. EnviroBlend has treated 5 million tons of lead, cadmium, zinc, copper, chromium, arsenic and nickel-contaminated waste across the US and internationally. EnviroBlend is safe, regulatory compliant, and cost-effective for managing your heavy metal waste.
Progelta srl
Progelta s.r.l. offers engineering, systems and services in the field of automation and industrial plant design, specializing in the metallurgical industry sector. It will exhibit equipment and its experience in liquid cast iron manipulation and treatment, including its automatic pouring system specifically designed for nodular cast iron. A CCD camera adjusts an electrical stopper in the pouring process. Also displayed: equipment for spheroidization and automatic inoculation; induction furnaces; electronic dosing and weighing systems; and charging systems, tilting skips, and cast iron transport trucks.
Pyrotek Inc.
Pyrotek will demonstrate STAR™ degassing equipment, Metaullics mechanical and EMP electromagnetic pumping systems, LOTUSS™ scrap melting systems, IMS scrap preparation systems, RFM® auto pour ladles and fiberglass, and tinplate or Bonded Particle filters (BPF®). Highlights will include: the Metaullics Overflow Transfer System (OTS), for gentle, low-cost transfer of molten metal; and TAB “Big Block” furnace refractory system, which reduces downtime with guaranteed block properties, pre-fired shapes, and improved shelf life.www.pyrotek-inc.comRoberts Sinto
Sintokogio Ltd., the parent company to Heinrich Wagner Sinto and Roberts Sinto Corp., and other 17 companies worldwide will be exhibiting its latest proven technology – Aeration. The Sinto group will be displaying a FDNX high-speed flaskless molding machine that uses aeration technology. Also on display will be two tight flask technologies, an ACE-5 (aeration) and a ZFA-SD5 (Seiatsu).
Schaeffer Furnaces
Schaefer Furnaces Division of The Schaefer Group Inc. will display gas and electric aluminum melting and holding furnaces, transfer ladles, molten metal transfer launders, electric immersion element holding furnaces — the most efficient on the market today — and custom-designed nose tilting furnaces, crucible furnaces, and filtration /degassing furnaces.www.theschaeffergroup.comSIR SpA
The Module is Soluzioni Industriali Robotizzate’s (SIR) most advanced robotic process, and an original approach to deburring, cutting, finishing applications. It is able to take four or more interchangeable processing stations, which can be positioned in turn in the working area, and is available in standard configurations for cast iron and aluminium. Thanks to off-line programming, every profile is machined accurately to assure constant, repeatable quality.

StrikoDynarad USA part of the StrikoWestofen Group, combines the best of American and European design to create world-class solutions. The Dynarad® product line has provided innovative solutions in North America for melting, moving, and holding aluminum, magnesium, and zinc for over 30 years. Its merger with StrikoWestofen offered even more opportunities for worldclass innovation. Since then, these innovations have combined for even more comprehensive systems combining material handling automation, ingot destacking, automated charging, melt-on-demand high-efficiency furnaces, customized metal delivery systems, dosing furnaces, and pump pockets to provide an integrated systems approach from “ingot to mold.”

Ulstraseal Intl./Lubrolene
Ultraseal International offers solutions to counter porosity in castings. Constant innovation in the supply of impregnation equipment and sealants has led to the launch of Rexeal 100, the new generation of recyclable sealant; Sinterseal 100, which allows surface treatment of sintered products; and Electroseal 35 for electrical leads and connectors. Ultraseal International also pioneered front-loading impregnation machines suited to today’s lean manufacturing processes. The company will co-exhibit with the Japanese manufacturer of Lubrolene WFR and WFR-EC water-free diecasting lubricants, for which it has exclusive European distribution rights.
Vulcan Engineering
Vulcan Engineering Co., Helena, AL, has provided rugged foundry equipment and systems for over 40 years. We offer a one-stop solution for your foundry needs including nobake, green sand, lost foam, investment casting, precision sand, robotic automation, casting finishing, and complete turnkey facilities. We are a fully integrator of robots and robotics systems for all area of metalcasting and manufacturing. Our product brands, such as Fox, FOXALL™, Action ™, TRUFLO®, VECTOR-FLO®, and many more offer robust design and durability needed for long lasting operation.
Wheelabrator Plus pros will inspect your current blasting equipment and conduct a thorough assessment that includes reviewing the latest modernization options to determine if any productivity, cost savings, safety or environmental improvements could be realized as a result of upgrading to newer technology. The EZEFIT Wheel, designed for ease of maintenance and high-performance operation under the toughest conditions, has been installed on thousands of Wheelabrator and non-Wheelabrator machines throughout North and South America since its launch in 2003. Founded on innovation, our technology will help you lower your cost per casting.