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Reducing Energy Consumption Without Reducing Output

May 29, 2005
" exceeding the projected savings range of 1,200-1,800 kW/month."

Gregg Industries in El Monte, CA, produces large gray- and ductile-iron castings, specializing in manufacturing high ferrous iron components for industrial, automotive, and truck manufacturers.

Part of the operation includes melting the iron in five ABB induction furnaces, ranging from 1,200 kW to 4,500 kW in energy consumption. In many primary metal foundries, small-percentage reductions in peak energy demand can send large savings directly to the bottom line.

Gregg Industries installed the Energy Director 4100 system by Powerit Solutions. It is designed to optimize energy demand in order to lower the total cost of energy; reduce environmental impact of energy production; and provide useful real-time information for better managing energy consumption and facilities operations.

The installation at Gregg Industries is now achieving an average monthly peak demand reduction of approximately 2,300 kW, exceeding the projected savings range of 1,200-1,800 kW/month. Gregg Industries can limit its peak-power demand by 7,500 kW, achieving an overall reduction of 24% and creating payback in less than 18 months.

Additionally, Gregg has been through an entire peak season with Energy Director in place, producing as much or even more metal with no impact on production or quality. The operators are able to monitor production and energy use more efficiently.

“Powerit Solutions’ Energy Director provided us with an easy and affordable way to reduce and manage some of our energy costs,” said Gregg Industries facilities maintenance manager Adrian Trevino. “ Installation and support have been excellent.”